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'The Wanderer'
Fuzz Kit
Mammoth Electronics



Artwork by Mike McGlennon (Moon Toboggan ART)

In the grim, cold, darkness of a foreign moon, you get lost seeking that which must be found... a treasure in which only you seek. As you wander through the void, from the depths and into what you feel is an endless tunnel dry and dead air cut off from the light.. you trip over and fall over a chest. It is covered in moss and the blue sands of this wasteland that has become a prison. You open it, and in that moment a vision hits you. A dream.

ALAS what you have sought has been discovered but while freedom is possible but it will not be achieved so cleanly. You must break the boundaries of the traditional status quo and become something very alien. You assemble the components in the chest... a world shattering tone and energy is released and it summons your greatest fear... the fear of the unknown. As you step out into the uncertainty before you, carrying only this device in which you created, you fight through that which has bound you, complacency. A new spark of creativity is born inside your soul... it is the essence of creativity, a new level of achievement, and in the end a dream no longer a dream but a physical manifestation of leaving your past and jumping into your future... A wanderer fuzz. 

In other words.. its a guitar pedal, GO MAKE THINGS AND BE LOUD! 

 This 3 knob pedal is perfect for anyone looking to perfect the tone of guitarist such as Jack White and the late Jimi Hendrix. 

The fuzz knob is utilized to determined the amount of mud and grit you want to add to color your tone. 
The shape knob re-aligns the wave of each note and helps the guitarist sculpt  the perfect sound for their guitar.  
The level determines the volume of your instrument when using the effect. So be heard, get loud, crank it to 11 and wake the neighbors with ear piercing melodies of awesomeness. 

 Kit comes with all necessary parts needed to build the pedal. White and Red Knobs are included. Tools not included with the purchase. 



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