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'Stage 3 Booster'
Boost Kit


An amazing Boost bringing new life to your Tone, Guitar, Amp as well as add shimmering new tones to your existing Dirt and Overdrive pedals, without changing their natural character! Amazing for Bass too with just a simple Capacitor change. 

Includes the handmade circuit board from, your choice of enclosure size, powder coat color, and knob options, and all necessary components for the build.

This is the new V3 board which is designed with an onboard trimmer to give you some extra tweakability. You can just use your ear to find the sweet spot. This is originally based off of the Fetzer and with some modifications is now a super clean tone booster for either Standard 6 String or Bass Guitar! An amazing Tone Boost that will bring life back to your Guitar and Amp combo! Try this instead of a ZVEX ® - Super Hard On™ and get a cleaner more overall tone boost and skip the crackle! This pedal works very well in Tandem with other Fuzz, Gain or Distortion pedals especially when used as a Post Gain Boost! (Closest to Amp in the Chain of Gain) When used in Tandem with other Drives the Stage 3 Booster will not color the original tone of your Drive pedals but will enhance them for a whole new plethora of great tones to work with! The toggle switch is for switching on the fly for Standard Guitar and Bass Guitar only. It is not a Fatboost for standard guitar!

"Super Hard On ®" is a Trademark of Zvex ®. is not affiliated with Zvex ®".'s unique boards are for comparison and education only and are not intended to be represented as clones or copies. All original copyrights, trademarks, and artworks remain the property of their owners.

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