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(7.38 x 4.70 x 1.30) .001 uf .0033 uf .1uf .1uf capacitor 1 hole 1/4 1/4'' pedal board jacks 100uf 1250 1250bk-ph-abs 1510 1590b 1590dd 16 volt 22uf 16mm alpha right angle pcb mount 1900h 1n film 1n34a 1n4001 1n4007 1n4148 1n914 1uf 220uf 24mm 250k linear 2n3904 2n3906 2n5088 2n5089 2n5952 3300mr-ph-abs 3pdt 3pdt board 3pdt-ls 'pro' 4.7m resistor 4s superswell potentiometer 4s1590b 4sbrd-bndl100-p 4sfs3pdt 4sfs3pdt-pr 4sjk-101dc 4sjk-102dc 4ska-13x16kun 4sledbz5-1 4sts-1m41t1b1m1qe 4sts-1ms1t2b3m1qe 4sts-1ms1t2b3m2qe 4sts-1ms3t2b3m2qe 500k 700-1411-ph-abs 700-2200 700-3001 740-1487-ph-abs 9v ac128 alpha 24mm alpha 25k log pot alpha single-gang 16mm pc mount (6 mm shaft) angle pc mount audio taper potentiometer bass battery snap bc109 bezel board boost boutique guitar effects box braided shield conductive breadboard btdr btdr-2h buffer button footswitch byoc enclosures bypass cable assembly capacitance instrument cable capacitor capacitor poly film 50v .001mf chandler chandler 2 length 7 conductor ribbon cable clear click-less clickless colors compressor conductive pvc jacket control knobs coolaudio d shaft d shaft knobs dc dc jack delay diameter low capacitance diode dip double shielded high dpdt dpdt on off on drill template drilling dual gang dual potentiometers emerson enclosure enclosures flex polymer jacket foamed polyethylene jacket footswitch fuzz fuzz pedal gang right angle general purpose general purpose amplifier general purpose transistor germanium greek letter grind customs 'rotten komp' compressor kit hammond 1590bb high flex polymer high transparency ultra-pure hookup wire ic socket ic1: 4558 inductor instrument cable j201 jack jacket foamed polyethylene jacket high flex jacks jfet joystick joystick potentiometer kilo ohms kingbright waterclear kit knob knobs knurled knobs latching led led bezel left hand position linear linear taper potentiometer logarithmic nature loop looper low capacitance low capacitance instrument mega ohms momentary mosfet mothman mpf102 mpsa18 mxr npn darlington transistor npn general purpose npn silicon transistor npn transistor ohms op amp open 1/4 jacks oxygen free copper pc mount potentiometer pcb pedal enclosure pedal kit perf board phase phaser polyethylene jacket high potentiometer power power jack printing pro pro 3pdt pt2399 pt2399 (ic) purpose amplifier transistor push pull pvc jacket foamed relay resistor reverb reverse reverse log ribbon right angle right angle pc rotary switch set screw shield conductive pvc shielded high transparency shipping silver mica single gang single gang right sip socket smoother transition socket soft touch soft touch momentary footswitch on (off) solder solder lug potentiometer spdt spdt on-off-on spst spst toggle switch standard measurement stereo jack stranded hookup wire superswell wah potentiometer switch switch tip switchcraft switches tact switch taper potentiometer increas taper potentiometer increases template test tl072 to-92 tonefiend total resistance transistor datasheet transistor socket trimpot trs true bypass ts-1md1t2b3m1qe-1 ts-1md3t1b1m1qe (double pole double throw (dpdt) on-off-on solder lug toggle switch) utmost left hand volume pedal vtl5c3 (ic) wah wah enclosure wah pedal washer washer replacement wire zener

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