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#500-1000 #800-1001 #800-1008 .1uf 1/4 jack 1/4 watt metal film resistor (10 ohms - 910 ohms) 100k 100k log 100k pot 100k potentiometer 100k resistor 100nf capacitor 100uf 1044 108-1ms1t2b3m2qe-evx 10k 10k potentiometer 10k resistor 10uf 125b 125bb 12v zener 14 mm potentiometer 1590 1590a 1590b 1590b enclosure 1590bb 1590lb 1590xx 16mm pots 1k resistor 1m 1m linear potentiometer 1m resistor 1n270 1n34a 1n4001 1n4002 1n4148 1n914 1uf 2164 250k 2n3904 2n5087 2n5088 2n5089 2n5457 2n5952 2n7000 3007 3386p 254lf 3pdt 47uf 4pdt 4s superswell potentiometer 4s125b 4s1590bb 4sfs3pdt 4sfs3pdt-ls pro 4sjk-101dc 4sts-1ms3t2b3m2qe 4sts-t1cap 500-1000 500k 5mm led 610-1001 620-sip36 700-2702 78 800-1001 800-1008 808 9 volt 9v ac128 alpha alpha 24mm alpha 25k log pot bass battery bc109 belton bezel big muff board boss box mod box mod parts boxes breadboard bs170 btdr btdr-2h buffer bypass cable cap capacitor capacitors caps chandler chandler jack charge pump clickless colors compressor coolaudio cts dc dc jack dc power jack delay diffused diode diodes dip dpdt dpdt switch drill drill template drilling drilling template dual gang enclosure enclosures feet fender fiendmaster foot switch footswitch fuzz fuzz face fuzz pedal general purpose germanium germanium transistor greek letter hammond ic ic socket inductor input jack j201 jack jacks jfet joystick joystick potentiometer keeley kfsspst-mb kit kits knob knobs led led bezel linear taper potentiometer lm13700 lm308n lm741 looper momentary mono jack mosfet mothman mpf102 mpsa18 nut octave op amp orange pcb photo photo resistor plug pnp pot potentiometer potentiometers potentiometers mammoth 16mm single gang long pin right angle pc mount - logarithmic (a) powder coat power power jack power supply pre drilled pt2399 push pull rat regulator relay resistor resistors reverb ribbon rotary rotary potentiometer rubber screw screws set screw silver mica sip sip socket socket sockets soft touch solder spdt spdt shorty toggle spst spst switch spst toggle standoff stereo jack supercell switch switch caps switchcraft taper potentiometer increases tc1044scpa tl072 toggle toggle switch tonefiend total resistance transistor socket trim trimmer trimpot trs true bypass tube tube screamer v2164 v2164m vero vero board voltage regulator volume wah wah enclosure wah kit wah pedal wah pot washer wire xlr zener

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