Custom 4S1590LB Enclosures
2" x 2" x 1.3"

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Custom 4S1590LB Enclosures must be ordered with minimum quantity of 10 pieces.
If you require proof for your project after selecting your options, please use your proof choice from the available links below to complete your purchase.
Lead Times

Normal Lead Time: 3 Weeks Need them sooner? Contact us about our expedited services Turnaround Time: Additional Cost (Percentage Of Order Total):

  • 1-3 Days 50%
  • 4-6 Days 40%
  • 7-10 Days 30%
More Information

Proofing: (All proofing charges will be charged after order is placed)

  • Digital Proof - We will send you a PDF with a digital mockup of your pedal and how it will look when printed.
    We'll do our best to make sure all colors are represented to correctly to give you the most accurate representation of your finished product
  • Photo Proof - After printing your first test enclosure, we will email you a photo of the product (point & shoot quality).
    We'll make sure that your product is in sufficient lighting and the photo really reflects the finished product
  • Physical Proof - After printing your first test enclosure, we will ship your enclosure to you via a standard shipping option (UPS Ground, or USPS Priority)

    All orders requesting a proof will then be asked to verify the product before production begins. Once production begins, no changes to artwork/drilling can be made.

Sides To Be Printed:
Enclosures can be printed on all sides of the enclosure (excluding backplate). When making selections, check your artwork to make sure that you are making the correct selections.
Each side of the enclosure is counted as a separate screen, and is charged based on ink being used for the face. For instance, if you are printing full color on the face, but a black logo on the bottom. Be sure to select 'Black Ink' for the bottom drop-down to avoid being overcharged.

When choosing a custom powder, please enter the Item # from either Prismatic Powders or Columbia Coatings into the Text Box so we can order the correct powder for you.
The extra charge for custom powder is to facilitate the ordering process, and shipping cost of the powder to our facility.

Uploading Files:
Click the hyperlink in the options to upload any artwork / drilling templates for your enclosure. (.ai, .pdf Illustrator files are preferred, Rasterized files with resolution of 300dpi or greater also acceptable).
Lower quality artwork that needs to be fixed by our art/printing tech will be charged an extra fee for the time of fixing the file (Standard rate: $20 / 30 mins)

We've provided high-quality, easy-to-use templates to make it easier for you to order your enclosure the way you want it.
Each of the templates is a .pdf, which work best when opened in Adobe Illustrator.
Use these templates to align your artwork correctly and plot your drill points in their proper coordinates.

Check out our "Custom Order Checklist" to make sure you've got everything we need to get your enclosures exactly how you want them.

If 'No Proof' is chosen, enclosures will be drilled & printed to specs of customer artwork/drill files.
No refunds will be given to orders not accepted due to issues with customer submitted files.
Mammoth Electronics is committed to providing high quality custom services to our customers.
Our highly-skilled graphic design and drill techs will make every effort to help us notify the customer of any potentially incorrect artwork/drill files.
However, if no changes are requested, and no proof is desired, order will be completed as is.