Supercell Overdrive Pedal Kit Update

If you have spent some time in the midwest you are more than familiar with a SuperCell storm. Being based in Oklahoma where some of the most intense spring storms take place we thought it would only be proper to introduce an all too familiar image to one of our pedal kits. 

The 'Supercell Overdrive' is a versatile overdrive pedal that gives you plenty of muscle to your sound. Three controls give you control over your Volume, Tone, and Overdrive functions, with an extra switch to add some extra dirt to your noise. A full range that can take you from almost completely clean to full-on rock. 



The kit comes with all necessary instructions and parts. Our new kits like this one were designed for use with PCB mounted potentiometers and a ribbon cable for connecting the 3PDT switch PCB to the main PCB. Our goal was to make these builds as user friendly as possible. This kit also includes the fully machined, powdercoated, and printed enclosure as pictured. Support questions can be directed to




Thank you for your business and happy building. 


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