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New Art Work on our Nuclear Winter Pedal Kit

Posted on May 18 2018

Hey guys, it is about time we upgraded our kit art work wouldn't you say?  We did not do anything drastic but we added a little juice to what was already our Nuclear Winter Distortion and we want your feedback. 

The current Nuclear Winter pedal kit looks like this: 


But we are about to change the look up a little.

Yet, we need your help deciding!

So between the two images below which is your favorite option? Let us know in the comments below what you think.





Our kits comes with all necessary instructions and parts. Each pedal kit is designed for use with PCB mounted potentiometers and a ribbon cable for connecting the 3PDT switch PCB to the main PCB. Our goal was to make these builds as user friendly as possible. 

We are digging the new design but we may be a little basis so be sure to let us know what you think! 


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  • Eric: May 21, 2018

    I like the black (dark gray?) and white the best as it has more contrast.

    I’m not making fun, but the red-to-yellow gradient makes me think of a Radioactive Ronald McDonald and I can’t unsee that now. :)

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