Keeley Mods

Keeley Mods

Mammoth Electronics is proud to announce that in conjunction with Keeley Electronics, we will be offering all the classic Keeley modified pedals through our website. As many of you already know, Isaac and myself worked together at Keeley Electronics for ten years. During that time, we worked with Robert Keeley to develop pedals and mods, including the actual production. A year ago we were all saddened to see that Keeley was ending the mods. Seeing a consistent demand for the Keeley Mods, Robert and I figured, what better way to offer the modification than to have a couple of the original Keeley guys that were doing the modifications then, do the modifications now. We’ve been working for the last several months to put stock on the shelf for the classic modifications so that we could offer them  our customers.

Available now.

Coming Soon.

  • Ibanez TS-9DX Flexi

There is much more to come soon, including more classic mods and new mods from Robert Keeley and Mammoth. Stay tuned!


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Matthew Mini

Hi, I recently purchased an Ibanez ts -808 tube screamer reissue and I’d like to have some mods done to it. Is this something you still handle?



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