Choosing the Right Powder Coating for Your Pedal

To Gloss or not to Gloss? That is the question
Powder coating your enclosure is a no brainer but choosing the correct powder can be tricky. In this post we cover the different types of powder coat offered and also offer some recommendations best suited for your job. 
Powder coating is the best choice for adding some color to your pedal enclosures. The price to quality ratio is outstanding and you can pretty much dial in any color you want for your pedal box.
The question just isn't - what type of color should you choose? Powder isn't that basic. The question is how Glossy do we want this pedal to be. 
There is some mad science behind determining the levels of gloss but to keep it simple it is the reflection of light off of a surface. Powder coats have a scale which are determined by what is called Gloss Units (GU) and as you go up the scale you have different finishes.
The scale works from 0-100:
  • Flat 0-6
  • Matte 7-10
  • Eggshell 11-20
  • Satin 21-35
  • Semi-gloss 37-70
  • Gloss 71-85
  • and High Gloss 85+ 
So, therefore the higher the Gloss the more shine your enclosure is going to give off under light and vise versa.  

Texture Powder

Using a textured powder is going to place you pretty low on the gloss scale but can add some cool details to the way your enclosure looks.The appearance is one like sandpaper or a cast finish. Using a textured powder allows you to maintain the esthetics of your pedal over a longer period of time. Due to being lower on the gloss scale blemishes, scratches and chips will not be near as noticeable. We recommend spraying your every day pedals with textured powder.
Vein, River and Wrinkle Powders
Vein, river and wrinkle powders have the same advantages and disadvantages as regular texture except that some can be higher on the gloss scale. Vein powders have the finish of an orange with a second color throughout to really create some contrast, River powders have hammer finish and are a single color and wrinkle powders are a single color with simply wrinkles throughout. Each powder has its own vibe and really caters to the boutique pedal builder looking to add some uniqueness to the finish of their pedal. 
Matte and Flat Powders
Matte and Flat powders do not have any texture to them and rank the lowest on the gloss scale. They give you a smooth surface with very little reflectivity. This powder is a vibe of its on - It is so basic it is cool. Our favorite matte powder is the matte black and for flat you can never go wrong choosing red. 
Solid Tone
A solid tone is just that. One color throughout with a high gloss finish. This is one of the most common powders we spray. Choosing a solid tone really comes down to which color should I choose. Almost any color imaginable looks great as a solid and when adding print you cannot go wrong choosing a white font. 
Two coat powders and sparkles
Sparkle powder coats are sprayed in a two coat process and create some high gloss finishes. Personally, I dig the sparkles but that could just be me. When spraying sparkles it is a tough job for our powder coat team but the end result is always worth it. Being high gloss this powder choice really creates something that stands out but that beauty comes with a price. Like anything with more steps in the process - two coat powders create more opportunity for blemishes. So, they take a little longer to spray but the wait is worth the end result. 
We work with Prismatic Powders to deliver some of the best powder coated enclosures to our customers. If you have an idea of how a pedal should look and perform we can bring it to life for you!
Our capabilities are endless when it comes to providing service to the boutique pedal market. We hope you will check out our custom enclosure options on our site and get started on your next build with us!



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Sparkle and texture look really great! I’ll have to try vein, but looks interesting.

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