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Choosing the Right Powder Coating for Your Project

Posted on March 06 2017

Hey, that’s a nice enclosure you have there... It could use some color though! What’s the best way to do that? Get it powder coated!

Powder coating is the most popular way to add color to your effect pedal boxes. It’s fairly cheap, it’s extremely durable, and it comes in a multitude of colors and textures so you can get your enclosure to look exactly like you want.

So what all types of powders are there?

Gloss Powder

Most powders out there are gloss. This powder looks great and has the broadest range of colors to choose from.  Many include metallic additives for an eye-catching sparkle effect.

The only drawback to gloss powders is that they show imperfections much more than textured powders. Scratches, smears, scuffs, all show up very easily on gloss powders—especially gloss black!

Texture Powder

These powders are extremely durable and will not show scuffs, scratches, and dings nearly as much as gloss powders do.  Some include metallic additives for that same sparkle effect glass powders have.

The drawbacks to texture are that they don’t have the glossy reflective surface, and they are limited in color selection when compared to the gloss powders.

Final note, if you do traditional screen printing with enamel inks, texture powders have been known have issues because the ink will run into the craters making some fine lines blurry.

Vein, Hammertone, Rivers, Leatherette, and Wrinkle Powders

These are different kinds of texture powders that have the same advantages and disadvantages as regular texture except that some of these powders can be glossy and can give you additional color choices. And as we all know, the more options, the better.

Flat or Matte powders

These powders are smooth like a gloss but don’t have the same reflective surface. They will show imperfections more than a texture but not as much as a gloss. Also when it comes to printing, they can occasionally cause some issues… 

Sometimes these powders will be labeled on the powder companies website as “This product is not UV stable”. This means the powder will breakdown eventually under UV light which makes them not the best for outdoor uses. We have also found that they also have trouble with UV cured inks sticking to them.  Sometimes the flat/matte powders do not give the warning that they are not UV stable, so beware!

Two coat powders and sparkles

These powders require two different layers of powder coating to achieve their desired color.  This results in some really original and unique colors but also comes with an increased risk of blemishes because the enclosure has to go through the powdering process not once, but twice.


When it comes to powder coat colors, there is almost no limit to what can be done, so I hope this guide helps narrow things down a bit so that you can have an easier time choosing the best powder coat for your projects. Mammoth Electronics can shoot all of these powders for you—so if you have any questions, just contact us at and we will get you taken care of!


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