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'Lace Looper' Pedal Kit 'Lace Looper' Pedal Kit 'Lace Looper' Pedal Kit
Get multiple external true bypass switch loops in one kit! Get multiple external true bypass switch loops in one kit! Get multiple external true bypass switch loops in one kit!
Aeon Overdrive' pedal kit from GuitarPCB.com 'American Fuzz' pedal kit from GuitarPCB.com
A TubeScreamer based circuit. Compare to similarities found in the Lovepedal Eternity™ Comparable to the Merkin Fuzz™ or Fuzz Rite™ with an added stage plus additional noise reducing enhancements. A great, easy to build tremolo pedal kit that gives you plenty of control over your sound.
Big Muff Pi - Op Amp Version' pedal kit from GuitarPCB.com 'MUFFN' pedal kit from GuitarPCB.com 'Cap't Munch' (GuitarPCB.com) Pedal Kit
Big Muff Pi - Op Amp Version From this Layout you may build any one of these Muff related projects: Rams Head, Violet Ram, Triangle, 3rd Edition, Creamy Dreamer, Foxy Lady, Green Russian, Black Russian, Civil War, Mayo A Mutant of the Tubescreamer Family, but the Dual Op-Amps are driving each other here, while a pair of Clipping Diodes to Ground add extra Muscle and Bite.
Carlsbad Reverb Pedal Kit ColorTone Overdrive Booster' pedal kit from GuitarPCB.com 'D'Lay - PT2399 Analog Style Delay Pedal' (GuitarPCB.com) Pedal Kit
A great, natural sounding digital reverb with plenty of control. A must have pedal! It bridges the gap between Boost, Overdrive and Fuzz. This is the Brand New D'LAY designed by DCountry13 is based on the Analog Style Delay but with added Delay time of up to 500ms, 600ms or longer.
'Dr. Phybes Phaser' (GuitarPCB.com) Pedal Kit 'DSOTM Fuzz' (GuitarPCB.com) Pedal Kit
Intense gated fuzz effect that you can blend with a one octave down or two octaves down effect to create some truly unique sounds. Comes in a drilled 1590BB enclosure with the V21 layout, which may not be the same as the image displayed above. Versatile version of a Fuzz Face circuit. Go from early Gilmour to wild Hendrix.
Dustbowl Distortion Effects Pedal Kit 'EA Tremolo' (GuitarPCB.com) Pedal Kit 'Hot Chilicon Fuzz' (GuitarPCB.com) Pedal Kit
Handy little distortion that provides great, thick distortion, or switch it over for a more open, less saturated sound. Improved version that includes a flashing LED which shows the speed of the LFO as well as a kill switch that shorts the LFO, leaving you with an excellent sounding buffer for improved guitar tone without the tremolo effect Go from Fuzz Face territory to all out Sustaining Fuzz God guitar solos.
'J201 Boost' Clean Boost Pedal Kit 'LDO' (GuitarPCB.com) Pedal Kit
Use it to boost your volume without altering the tone! Boost after your drive pedals for more volume, boost before them to overdrive your drive pedals! Comparable to the Landgraff Dynamic Overdrive with a 3 way tone switch and all LDO values as expected throughout Get classic 70s Phaser Sound with this simple to build pedal kit.
MKC1' pedal kit from GuitarPCB.com MoRC' pedal kit from GuitarPCB.com 'MothMan Fuzz' Pedal Kit
'MothMan' Fuzz Pedal Kit
Our Price: $44.00
Compare to similarities found in the Klon™, but with many modifications and improvements in the circuit, including a fatboost switch and the removal of the charge pump section. Sounds incredible on guitar and bass! 'MoRC' stands for 'Modified Ross Compressor'

Designed to be easy to assemble and still give you a great fuzz tone.

MoWah GuitarPCB Kit ODC' pedal kit from GuitarPCB.com 'R2G2' (GuitarPCB.com) Pedal Kit
A great sound Wah with a wide range of sound. Compare to similarities found in the Fulltone OCD™ but with some great improvements in the Tone section. Compare to the infamous and practically unobtainable Cornish G2™.
Stage 3 Booster' pedal kit from GuitarPCB.com 'Super Drive 70's' 3-in-1 (GuitarPCB.com) Pedal Kit 'Super White Auto Wah' (GuitarPCB.com) Pedal Kit
An amazing Tone Boost that will bring life back to your Guitar and Amp combo! An awesome 3 in 1 design for a quick pick-up-and-go to the gig or practice session. Provides great tone no matter what amp you're plugging into ** Now only offered in 4S1590BB size enclosures

You may compare to similarities found in the Mad Professors® - Snowwhite Autowah™

Guitar & Effect Pedal Kit – Build Your Own Effect Pedal

Mammoth Electronics makes an effort to offer our customers a very neatly packaged and personally customizable effect pedal kit. Each guitar pedal kit comes equipped with everything you need to build your own effect pedal as quickly and inexpensively as possible without sacrificing quality. These DIY guitar pedals kits are designed to make building your own effect pedal easy for everyone from the hobby builder to the manufacturer. All parts are labeled and packaged in the kit for easy identification. Enclosures are fully customizable to the user specification and specially wrapped in a protective foam for safe transit.

We’ve provided a wide selection for any effect pedal kit needs you might have. From a simple boost pedals, and fuzz pedals, as well as overdrive, distorion, and compression kits. We also have a wide range of modulation kits, including delay, reverb, tremolo, and phaser effect pedal kits. If you need a quick fix or a more complex guitar pedal kit, Mammoth Electronics offers a variety of options making it effortless to build your own effect pedal with a sound quality that will make an impression.

We work hard to build relationships with only the best brands for our customers. These strong relationships allow us to provide extremely competitive pricing on all of our DIY guitar pedals kits.. We’re confident you will save yourself money & time if you build your own effect pedal with Mammoth Electronics.

We’re passionate about helping our customers build the best effect pedal possible so please Check out our Facebook page where you can provide feedback, share tips or ask any questions you might have about your latest projects.